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F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote “In a real dark night of the soul, it is always three o'clock in the morning, day after day.” and truer words have never been spoken. The utter isolation of 3AM, when the rest of the world is resting peacefully and you’re trapped alone in your thoughts, it’s a living nightmare. But when that feeling isn’t just relegated to 3AM, every moment is Hell. Every second, you battle for your own survival.

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Dark Night Of The Soul is a written webseries, akin to a horror based soap opera, set in modern times which follows the preternatural goings on in a small East Coast based city. If you are a writer, who is interested in joining our group, and can meet our requirements, please register and PM Grand Old Descendant. Readers are welcome to join and participate in our general chat areas.

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Welcome To Freyedge

Chapter One: In The Beginning

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In the beginning, we thought we were invincible. The world was our oyster and we controlled our fate. And, for a long time, that was the truth. But, little by little, day by day, we became our own worst enemy. Welcome to Freyedge.
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Universe Information

Facts About The Universe

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Dark Night Of The Soul tries to stick to the classic horror vibe while giving it a new twist. As is such, we're rather specific on our personal canon. In here, you will find information on things such as creatures and locations, among other pertinent items.
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Overcoming A Dark Night (Blog)

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Late musician Gord Downie was once quoted as saying, "It would be hard for me now, at this age and stage, to leave a song without a glimmer of hope… I always like to have a glimmer of hopefulness, even in collapse." and that's a powerful message to live by. Whatever you may be currently going through, whether it's your own personal Dark Night or not, remember you are not alone and there is a light at the end.
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General chat for members.
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